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Social Distancing Procedures

• When you arrive at the fairgrounds, please leave at least 15 feet between trailers when parking on the grounds.
• Contestants are encouraged to wear face masks but are not required to do so. No contestant will be penalized for wearing a facemask while showing their equine.
• We ask that only immediately family or required help attend the show with exhibitors. Please no extra spectators.
• Keep 6 feet between you and other families whenever possible.
• No one is permitted to congregate in groups larger than 10 at a time and groups must stay at least 6 feet from each other.
• Anyone with compromised immune systems, anyone that is sick or showing any symptoms of being sick, please do not attend our show.
• Please show from your trailer unless stalling overnight.
• Keep all show equipment at trailers, not at arena, to minimize gathering.
• Be prepared to bring your own drinks and food. We will NOT be providing any concessions for the health and safety of everyone.
• Participants not complying with social distancing procedures will be reminded of procedures and asked to leave the site if they do not comply. Entries will be forfeited.

• You may enter and pay the day of the show if you prefer, but please bring your own pen. We would like to encourage as many as possible to pre-enter your classes, stalls and camping.
• If registering or paying in person, only ONE person representing the contestant should come to the entry booth.
• Stall and camping reservations may be called in or texted to 740-474-8000. Must be received by noon on Friday June 12th.
• There are fillable pdf entry forms on our website and FB group, SOQPA Files. These can be downloaded, filled in and emailed to the show secretary at
• There are 2 payment options for those pre-entering; 1) Pay using Venmo to Sally-Walters-7 2) Pay at the show with cash or check.
• Pre-entries and payment if using Venmo must be received by Wednesday June 10th.
• If you pre-enter, please check in with the entry booth when you arrive to pick up your back number and let us know you are actually at the show. If you already have your back number, you can check in by email to
• There will be a $2 fee per horse to help us cover the extra cost of keeping the fairgrounds clean and safe for everyone attending. This is new for this year due to all the extra precautions we have to put in place due to COVID 19.

• You can reserve stalls ahead of time by texting or calling 740-474-8000 prior to Friday June 12th. We will have stalls pre-assigned for those that have reserved stalls when you arrive. Your stall numbers will be texted to you or you can get them when you check in if you can't receive texts.
• 1 empty stall must be left between groups and/or private individuals to allow for social distancing.
• Please groom and prepare your horse IN your assigned stall, NOT in the aisle way.
• Traffic in barn aisle ways will be 1 way. Signs will be posted.

• We will have hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray set up at contact points around the arena, entry booth, stall barn and other high traffic areas.
• Bleachers will be closed and taped off.
• Please only be near the arena when you or your group member is showing.

• Keep at least 6 feet from the arena fence and other spectators.

• Wait for contestants to exit the warm up area to meet back with riders/horses.

• Only horses in the next class will be allowed in the warm up area while classes are being judged.

• Horses will enter the ring when the prior class lines up to minimize passing of contestants at the gate.

• Judges will stay more than 6 feet away from contestants and patterns will reflect this.
• Please keep 6 feet between you and the horse beside you during the line up at the end of classes.
• Your ribbons will all be available at one time when you are finished showing for the day. Please be patient with us and do not come to the entry booth after each of your classes for ribbons.

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